Gaardian Item Capacity Calculator

Ever wondered how many items you'll be able to hold at level 1 before remorting?
Guess no more with Gaardian's Item Capacity Calculator!

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Select classes (if applicable):
Select wishes (if applicable):
Add Equip Bonuses* (if applicable): Str: Dex:
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*Before remorting, type 'stats' while wearing your level 1 gear to determine these values.
A cap of 25 will automatically be applied to any equip bonuses (see 'help maxstats' for details).

Some notes: Calculations are made based on the following formulas:
Items: 87 + str + floor(dex/2) + wishes
Weight: 1 + (str * 10)

Update: As of September 21, 2009 changes, the minimum item capacity for tiers was changed to the following:
Base Items: 87 + wishes + (tiers * 25)
Maximum item capacity was not affected.

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